What is the Gold Standard on which we formulated our Pumpkin Pie?

Recently, when conducting our fall pie evaluation, we discovered that no objective descriptor or standard of measure exists for what pumpkin pie “should be.”

What should a great restaurant quality Pumpkin Pie look or taste like?

Without any objective measure, pie makers have no customer expectation to meet. All purchasing decisions were based on preference rather than based on facts. We sought to take the guesswork out of what a great pumpkin pie is. We realized the only way to attain this standard was to go out to those people who ultimately eat our products and ask them.

We conducted statistically significant qualitative and quantitative research with consumers who eat pumpkin pie on a frequent basis. The culmination of the research produced the Gold Standard upon which we formulated our Pumpkin Pie.

Pumpkin Pie Gold Standard


  • Caramel or light brown in color
  • Flaky / moist texture and a buttery flavor
  • Fluted upper rim


  • Equal balance between pumpkin, spices and sweetness
  • Rich and creamy, but firm
  • “Burnt orange” coloring – not burnt
  • Real authentic ingredients
  • Nutmeg and cinnamon are the two most popular spices but they can never overshadow the pumpkin

The Gold Standard is consumer determined and contains no bias. For those who serve a pie which meets the Gold Standard, it provides confidence they will meet their customer’s expectations of a great restaurant quality Pumpkin Pie!